Declutter your condo by getting rid of these items

declutter your condo
If you don't declutter your condo, you'll eventually be overrun with unwanted stuff

If you want to declutter your condo, you’ll must be willing to part with things. The longer we live in a single place, the more likely we are to accumulate stuff. Most people have a reason, albeit not always a good one, to keep those items around.

For example, someone gifted me a very bulky shoe polish kit nearly a decade ago. Now, I had never used it and probably never would have. But the thought that I may need it one day was enough for me to let the chunky product clutter up my condo until recently when I had an epiphany.

Condo space is finite. There is no reason to keep something around if you haven’t used it in a decade. And while letting go can be hard, it is better to declutter your residence today then eventually be boxed in by a bunch of stuff you may possibly use in the very distant future.

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Start the process by throwing out things you will never ever need or use. We’re talking about old magazines as well as old receipts, bills and other mail. In most households, there is one or more drawers chock full of mail being kept for no apparent reason.

Next, it’s time to chuck expired medicines and vitamins. These have a shelf life and once that’s past, there is no point in storing them in your condo. After that, head over to your pantry and discard or donate any food stuffs you don’t plan on eating.

This is a great start. But we can declutter your condo even further. The closet is probably full of items that you don’t wear and/or can’t fit into. As long as these are in decent shape, consider donating them to charity. Because they aren’t doing anyone any good hidden in a dark corner. Additionally, collect any accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, ect.) that you’ve replaced or upgraded.

Finally, you must get rid of all those old electronics and chargers. And, specifically, recycle these so they are properly disposed of. This one can be the most difficult to come to terms with. As much as we’d all like to think that Sony Ericsson phone charger or iMac G3 will eventually come in handy, it’s never going to be needed if it hasn’t happened by now.

Once you have decluttered your condo, it is important to organize what’s left to ensure stuff doesn’t build up again. Baskets, jars and clear drawer organizers are very cheap these days, so buy a few that you like and start keeping the items you need in these. After all, there is no point in doing in tidying if you are just going to take things out and leave them elsewhere around your home.