5 cheats to upgrade your kitchen on the cheap

Don’t put off upgrading your kitchen with these simple hacks. 

Looking to upgrade your kitchen but don’t fancy a complete refurbishment? Easy, consider one of our cheats to transform your kitchen on a budget and quickly too. It will also add value to your property as many prospective purchasers and tenants look at the kitchen and bathrooms when considering a property.

1. Fit new unit handles.

This small change will instantly bring your kitchen on trend. Styles date quickly so opt for brushed or matt metals rather than wood. Minimalist designs or anything slick to create a more modern feel.

2. Splash out on a new tap.

An expensive looking tap can quickly become the centre piece of a kitchen. So it is worth investing in one that not only looks good but also has exciting features such as a pull out hose. Go one step further and choose one in a copper or another matt metal provided that it fits with the rest of your fixtures and fittings.

3. Invest in a new splashback.

Invest in some new tiles for your splashback. Brick style is popular, pick white and opt for a dark grey grout for a really contemporary style. Alternatively consider a glass splashback in a block colour rather or even one of this year’s exciting new tile trends instead.

4. Just add paint.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It will hide any cooking stains and instantly brightens the place up. You could even think about creating a feature wall if you have space. Pick modern colours such as an off white grey and steer away from dated creams and magnolias.

5. Fit new lighting.

If your kitchen is dimly lit or lack natural light invest in some new lighting. Spotlights are a popular choice as they are easy to maintain plus look modern and tidy. Fit a stylish ceiling lamp over the dining table if you have room and consider the type of bulbs you use. Warm white light bulbs are more calming but if you are a keen cook then maybe a cool white for a brighter look is for you.