6 ways to upgrade your bathroom

Create a whole new look for your bathroom without breaking the bank. 

If your bathroom is looking a bit tired but you aren’t quite ready for a complete refurbishment, you can make a real difference with a few small changes here and there.

1. New lighting.

The lighting in the bathroom will have a real influence on its overall appearance. Good lighting is needed to make sure you look good in the mirror too! Therefore spots lights can be a great option and choose warm white light bulbs if you want to avoid a too stark lighting effect.

2. Replace the shower curtain.

If you have a shower curtain, then consider upgrading this to a shower screen for a cleaner and smarter look. If a shower screen is not an option, then a new and plain shower curtain will work wonders too.

3. Change the taps.

If taps are not cared for properly then they will quickly become water marked. Likewise styles can date too so upgrading your existing taps will make your bathroom feel more contemporary. Changing them is a straightforward procedure for a plumber too.

4. Replace the grout.

White grout changes colour with dirt and time. It can be cleaned with bleach, however replacing it entirely is a much better option and will instantly brighten the bathroom up. You bathroom will be out of action for a couple of days whilst this happens but the new look will be instantly noticeable.

5. New tiles.

As fashions change, as do the preferred type of tile on the wall and floor. Replacing the tiles can be a messy and costly exercise. However if your fittings (sink, toilet, shower and bath) are in good order, then the replacing of tiles is a real cheats way to creating a whole new look for your bathroom without having to do a complete refurbishment. Popular tile styles are white bricks tiles, and pick grey grout that also easily hides the dirt too. Marble is also very much on trend and creates a luxurious feel at home.

Note: to save your budget just tile around the bath, shower and behind the sink. Should the remaining walls be in good enough condition to be left untiled, then this will save you some money. However, tiles can hide bad plaster work, hence why some bathrooms are entirely tiled.

6. Add accessories.

If you really aren’t feeling that adventurous, add some accessories instead. Buy a fresh set of matching towels, pick out some scented candles, add some plants, and some pretty items such as a toothbrush holder or somewhere to store your cotton wool. Even just add some towel hooks to have somewhere to hang your towel and dressing gown or upgrade the mirror. Dress your bathroom like it is that of a five star hotel for an instant lift.