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Vinhomes work across Vietnam is unsurpassed. From advanced smart cities to ideal living spaces and urban parks, the developer strives to show the public their properties are where happiness dwells.

In a year full of obstacles and challenges, Vinhomes remained steadfast in its mission to provide an excellent quality of life to residents. Its work was rewarded by being named Developer of the Year Vietnam 2021 at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2021.

The firm is a pioneer in crafting ideal living experiences in Vietnam’s urban locations. Vinhomes developments feature professionally planned residential complexes that are in harmony with nature. This is accomplished through integrated facilities and a green environment that have come together to form a new lifestyle for the Vietnamese people.

Its vision in this regard is unquestionably ambitious. The developer has completed 48 urban parks in the country along with building Vietnam’s largest saltwater lake and largest man-made freshwater lake with white sand.

Vinhomes is also a leader in smart cities and continues to allocate resources to the research and application of digital technologies and smart solutions for construction, management and operation of urban areas. The result is dynamic communities that provide the modern, lively and gracious environment people today seek.

At the core of the developer’s approach is sustainable growth which is guiding its efforts to become a world-class enterprise. Vinhomes takes pride in offering superior scale, execution speed and service quality, three traits that have helped it ascend to the top of the market.

With a portfolio of outstanding developments and a willingness to go above and beyond in its desire to offer customers the best living experience, Vinhomes is a worthy winner of Developer of The Year Vietnam 2021 at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2021.