All you need to know about the Swiss-Watch standard home

LaVile Kuala Lumpur from Orando Holdings

Orando Holdings creates a new standard of home in KL

Anyone who owns a Rolex or Patek Philippe watch knows that what sets it apart is the high quality craftsmanship that goes into creating it. For more than two centuries, Swiss watches have been seen as the gold standard for time keeping. Now there is one developer in Malaysia who is bringing that legendary quality to residences.

Orando Holdings Sdn Bhd has built its reputation as a developer on crafting homes of a Swiss-watch standard. However, if you don’t own a Swiss watch, or do and maybe don’t understand what went into it, this terminology might not mean much, but it should. Here’s all you need to know.

What is a Swiss-watch standard home?

According to Orando Holdings, a Swiss-watch standard home is designed with precision, fabricated with fine craftsmanship, functionalities and comfort that elevates its value. This means it offers far more than meets the eye for today’s lifestyle needs. Much like a Swiss watch, a painstaking amount of thought and manpower goes into Orando Holdings’ projects ensuring they are of the highest quality.

What are some of the benefits?

There are two primary reasons a Swiss-watch standard home is desirable. The first is the fact that it offers the absolute pinnacle of living conditions. Every detail, every element and every amenity has been carefully created to ensure its bespoke appeal. The second reason buyers and investors are interested in Swiss-watch standard home is appreciation. Much like Swiss watches, which increase in value as they age, projects developed by Orando Holdings increase in value with each passing year.

What do these homes look like?

LaVile KLA great example of a Swiss-watch standard home comes from LaVile Kuala Lumpur. Similar to a high-end timepiece from Switzerland, this project from Orando Holdings leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. There are two levels of amenities that include tennis courts, multiple pools, a leisure deck for yoga and a floating gym.

Units offer plenty of space along with city views and a yard providing a relaxing ambiance in the busy city. The entire project has been luxuriously designed while maintaining functionality. Speaking of functionality, the project is located next to the shops and restaurants of AEON Mall which adds another level of convenience.

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