LinkZZapp looks to assist developers and management companies in Malaysia with digitization

LinkZZapp technology digitizes a number of processes for developers and management companies

A new property platform solution wants to make life easier for developers and property management companies in Malaysia by launching a digital solution that will streamline complicated manual processes. LinkZZapp has developed and launched The 360° e-Property Platform Solution that it believes will improve operations while eliminating the need for superfluous human contact.

The latter in particular is important with the “New Normal” now taking shape in Southeast Asia. Many property developers in Malaysia trudged on with the same time consuming and tedious manual processes for more than 20 years but have now been forced to embrace digital transformation because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a property investor as well as a Proptech player in the market, we constantly feel that there is so much room for the industry to improve digitally with all the technology available in this day and time. Plus, with the recent Covid-19 crisis where everyone is embracing social distancing as the new normal, we are seeing more property developers demanding a solution which can minimize face-to-face contact,” LinkZZapp Founder and Chief Executive Officer William Wong stated.

LinkZZapp’s technology is billed as Malaysia’s first holistic, end-to-end solution for real estate companies. It comes at a time when developers and property management firms require technology that offers strong functionality while being simple and convenient for users.

“Our holistic platform enables our users to track, manage, monitor, and engage digitally by using all-inclusive features which include Construction Monitor; Vacant Possession; Defect and Property Management; and Smart Community,” Wong noted. “We also provide hardware and software integration solutions such as plate number recognition system, auto gate system, parking allocation system, facial recognition system and smart home system to property developers who wish to provide their homebuyers with seamless smart living experience.”

He added that the property sector must innovate and embrace digital transformation in order to improve operations and provide a safer environment for the public. The company also believes LinkZZapp technology can increase efficiency and productivity of business processes.