Johor home to some of the best education

Johor’s increased education offerings means less students are crossing to Singapore. 

As a parent we inevitably want what is best for our children. Whether that is healthcare, food or education. Parents naturally strive to give their children the best opportunities in life in order to pave their future. This is exactly why many Malaysians cross the Johor Strait by car, taxi, MRT or bus on a daily basis for their children to attend school on the island-state.

However this daily commute across the border could all be about to change. The state of Johor has noted the demand for high quality education for its residents. Subsequently a string of schools are offering international or private education programmes to meet the varying needs of parents. Less Malaysians are now travelling to Singapore for their education which has also been spurred on by the weaker ringgit increasing costs.

Datuk Ayub Rahmat, state health, environment, education and information committee chairman, commented, “We have a total of 16 international schools offering primary and secondary education throughout the state, most of which are located in the Iskandar Malaysia region”.

With a different syllabuses on offer from primary right through to tertiary, Johor provides an ideal base for families. Well known names such as University of Reading Malaysia, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Raffles University Iskandar and University of Southampton Malaysia Campus can all be found in Johor. Offering a wide range of education subjects to choose from that include communication, medicine and information technology.

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