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Instant Offices is the flexible workspace specialist, offering the largest range of serviced offices, co-working, executive suites and meetings rooms available around the world.

The firm currently lists more than 8,500 flexible office spaces, from fully-equipped and serviced executive suites to co-working locations, across the globe with more than 1,500 of those coming from the Asia-Pacific region.

Covering 99 percent of the global flexible office market, the Instant team are market specialists, enabling access to free, impartial advice, helping businesses and individuals find their dream workspace and negotiating the best deal.

Established in 1999, Instant has achieved 23 percent compound growth over the last four years, and continues to expand with private equity funding secured from MML Capital in 2012.

With offices in London, Berlin, Dallas, San Francisco, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney, Instant employs more than 150 experts and has clients in 113 countries. This ensures expert local advice.

The flexible office market is going from strength-to-strength in the Asia-Pacific region, with some markets experiencing growth of up to 80 percent in the last four years alone (50 percent+ in mainland China in the same time period).

LOGO PNG SOPData from Instant Offices continues to show aggressive demand for serviced office and co-working space across the region, and its market predictions suggest that this level of growth is set to continue in the coming years.

Occupier demand in the less established Asia-Pacific and EMEA markets is currently outstripping that of the more mature U.K. and U.S. markets (where it is still expanding at a respectable average of 10 percent), and while it will stabilise in due course, demand is currently at record levels.

The cost of flexible office space across the region varies wildly depending on quality of space and location. An indicative price range for a per workstation per month in Hong Kong, where demand is exceeding availability, is from US$ 450 to US$ 1,290, while in Singapore prospective occupiers will be looking closer to a range of US$ 350 to US$ 900.

Across the rest of the region, prices can be as low as US$ 250 per workstation per month.

To view all of the current flexible office space options across the Asia-Pacific region from Instant Offices go or or you can email [email protected]


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