Here’s how virtual offices are helping businesses unlock the potential of Malacca

Metra Square Melaka Regus virtual offices
Regus virtual offices in Malacca's Metra Square are the ideal base for those looking to enter the local market

From its 15th century origins as a trading post to the recent launch of the Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone, Malacca has long supported the ambitions of entrepreneurs from around the world.

And while the city, and Malaysia as a whole, move forward with digitalization efforts, the office sector has lagged. The pandemic has only served to exacerbate these issues. Entrepreneurs looking for support have often found themselves shut out of the market.

Until recently, that is. Understanding the unique needs of the business community as well as what Malacca can offer, developer Sheng Tai International and Regus’ parent company IWG reached an agreement to open three centers in the city’s Metra Square complex with the first opening in 2021.

The focus here is a bit different from traditional Regus hubs. It has been designed as a base for members using Regus’ virtual office service. Those requiring a casual, drop-in workspace have something tailored for that purpose. Additionally, businesses or entrepreneurs from outside the region can enjoy a physical presence in Malacca without needing to travel or relocate immediately.

Sheng Tai International Founder, Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, believes this type of setup is the way forward. Not only does it allow for cross-border collaboration and growth into new markets, but it also empowers locals who have taken up new ventures during the pandemic.

“Some of them have done so well that they want to start their own new business. It’s too much to expect these fledgling entrepreneurs to immediately invest a lot of money to rent a place, renovate, to hire staff, when business is not there yet,” she explains. “The best initial start is to get a virtual office, to keep the costs low and to try to work out whether the business is going to be a success before making bigger commitments.”

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Working with Regus virtual offices in Malaysia

It is not simply Malacca where Regus virtual offices are helping. Across Malaysia, entrepreneurs, SMEs and other businesses are leveraging this setup to help them build for future success.

Regus virtual offices can be found in the country’s key business hubs, including Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru and Sabah to name a few. And if your needs change or you require something more permanent, that can easily be taken care of at Regus as well

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