Palawan is a staple of Travel + Leisure’s World Best Islands list having finished consecutively at the top. It’s easy to see why people love it. The island has it all from beautiful beaches to lush mountains. There’s even an underground river. And sites marked as UNESCO World Heritage.

With ease of travel restrictions, tourists are coming back to heavenly places in Palawan and the numbers keep rising. Philippines has achieved its year-end target of foreign tourist arrivals in the country, with more than two months to go before 2022 ended. Reports suggest that El Nido attracted one-third of these tourists, making Philippines Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing tourism industry and transforming El Nido into a lucrative hospitality investment option driven by its strong tourism growth and its status as the most sought-after ‘back to nature’ experience destination.

That is what makes Explorar Treehouses El Nido such a rare opportunity. The development is your chance to own a 5-Star breathtaking pool villa on one of the world’s best islands. What’s more, it’s backed by a turnkey investment program that offers an eight percent net yearly return during the first five years of operations; and a secure exit with capital gains after five years or a profit-sharing model for you to earn a long term robust passive income.

You’ll also be able to stay at the world class resort for up to 30 days annually. But before we learn more about what makes The Explorar Treehouses El Nido so special, let’s explore the potential of El Nido.

Why invest in Palawan real estate?

Philippine Department of Tourism data showed there were 8.26 million foreign arrivals in 2019, more than a 15 percent increase from the previous year. An additional 60 million trips are made by locals annually, an important figure to note. Of course, COVID-19 dealt a significant blow to these numbers. However, there is reason to believe a quick turnaround is likely given what is being seen elsewhere globally. The most recent stats shared by Department of Tourism and economic growth numbers (highest in Southeast Asia) is a proof of it.

Focusing on Palawan, it has been one of the country’s most popular destinations among both overseas and domestic tourists. Having recorded notable growth over the past decade, the Philippine government has invested in infrastructure to attract even more travelers.

In 2017, a new passenger terminal was opened at Puerto Princesa International Airport to help the region welcome more arrivals. Additionally, smaller airports can be found all over the island with many of these offering flights to Metro Manila.

Meanwhile, work on several ports across Palawan is either ongoing or in the planning stages. Some of these will be able to accommodate cruise ships, others will handle passenger ferries. Most are expected to support cargo operations in some form.

Introducing El Nido

El Nido is arguably Palawan’s most popular spot. Located on the island’s northern tip, it is a picturesque retreat that boasts legendary scuba diving, stunning beaches and awe-inspiring limestone cliffs. The region is perhaps best known for lagoons that are bustling with underwater sights, including world famous coral reefs.

The town is served by El Nido Airport which has direct connections with Metro Manila and Cebu. A new airport “Ceasar Lim Rodriguez Airport” within 45mins distance from the project site is opening soon. In 2020, the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) opened a new port in El Nido that can accommodate roll-on/roll-off vessels and other larger cargo ships. This facility was designed to support tourism in the region.

An exclusive property investment opportunity in El Nido

b39837ee-treehouses-single-unit-not-for-sale-2_10x20m20x20hk00003601oDespite all of its wonderful sights and potential for growth, there aren’t many property investment opportunities in El Nido or Palawan as a whole. And when one does become available, it sells out in short order.

That brings us to The Explorar Treehouses El Nido. The 5-star, luxury eco-resort is just 500m from beach and situated on an exquisite piece of land surrounded by lush mountain terrain, which overlooks azure waters, touching pristine white sand beaches. This sustainability award-winner 69-Teehouse Villa Estate is designed by renewed designers and creating a buzz worldwide to stay in Palawan when it opens in 2025.

The fully integrated eco-resort boasts world-class amenities, including spa & wellness center, “The Exchange” a social space to mingle, tailored experiences, as well as absolute beach access and stunning ocean views. It is also only one of a few tourism-focused real estate investment opportunities currently available on the island.

The developer behind The Explorar Treehouses El Nido has released the final collection of villas, selling 6 of these premium properties in a record time. That means time is running out to be among the privileged few to own an exquisite home here.

Each villa is supported by a turnkey investment program that will ensure owners are able to get the most out of their property. For the first five years, an eight percent net yearly return is guaranteed. After that, investors can opt to participate in a 60/40 profit-sharing scheme which could produce up to double-digit yields. Returns are distributed quarterly to a designated bank account of your choice.

As for the residences themselves, they come fully furnished and fitted to standards set by LEED system, under the supervision of CBRE and the developer Eureka Resorts with 30+ years of combined experience. To sum it up It is a true ultra-luxurious hospitality experience offered by Philippines leading luxury real estate investment company El Nido Beach. Each treehouse features a spacious terrace, 360-degree views, private plunge pool and a chance to experience world-class amenities in raw nature.

This isn’t simply an investment though. It is also your holiday home. Owners are entitled to stay at the resort for up to 30 days each year. And that is something you will most likely want to take advantage of.

These residencies are selling out fast. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to invest in breathtaking cliffside villas located on one of the world’s best islands. Click here to reserve your residence.