Your guide to entering the Dot Property Awards 2022

Dot Property Awards 2022

The Dot Property Awards returns for 2022 with events scheduled for Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines in addition to our regional celebration in Bangkok at the end of the year. Entries are currently being accepted for the Dot Property Awards 2022, and there is still time to join Southeast Asia’s most exciting property awards series.

The process to enter is entirely digital and takes roughly 5-10 minutes to complete. We encourage you to submit your entry as early as possible in order to ensure all information is accurate. Here is a brief, step-by-step guide on how you can enter the Dot Property Awards 2022.

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Step 1 – Prepare information

Before you submit your entry, it is good have some basic information on hand. For developers, this includes knowing the basics of your portfolio and how many projects you’ve launched in the past five years. For real estate agents, you will need to provide some simple details such as when your company was founded.

Step 2 – Fill out the entry form

Click here to go to the Dot Property Awards entry form. Once there, please answer the questions in as much detail as possible. You will be prompted to choose the projects you wish to nominate and awards you want to be considered for.

Step 3 – Submit the entry form

Don’t forget to click on the big ‘Enter Now’ button at the bottom of the form once you have filled it out. Additionally, if you wish to nominate another project or want to be considered for a different award, you can always fill out the form again.

Step 4 – Wait for conformation

Once the form has been submitted, the Dot Property Awards team will contact you to confirm your entry and request further details if necessary. This could include things like marketing materials, project brochures and company information. The Awards team can also answer any questions you may have about the presentation ceremony or things related to this year’s program.

Enter the Dot Property Awards 2022 today!

Why enter Dot Property Awards 2022?

Winning a Dot Property Award helps build trust amongst the public while also elevating your brand. It is more important now than ever before to be seen by the public as a credible company. Winning an award is one of the best ways to build that credibility as it shows the world your work has been independently verified and recognized.

Dot Property Awards 2022 presentation ceremonies are scheduled for Vietnam in July, Thailand in August, the Philippines in September and Southeast Asia in December. Each one is currently set to proceed, although plans are subject to change.

Click here to submit your entry form