Forget work from home, it’s time you work from paradise

Anchan Hills Work from paradise
Anchan Hills in Phuket is perfect for those wanting to work from paradise

Work from home is clearly not going anywhere. Even when the situation returns to normal, a lot of employees won’t be going back to the office. Having come to this realization, you’re starting to see people scooping up properties in Thailand’s resort areas. After all, why work from home when you can work from paradise?

Phuket and Samui remain ideal destinations if you’re looking to leave the city life behind. They have beautiful beaches and modern conveniences as well as a lot of great residences to choose from. Additionally, a special tourist visa scheme means it is still possible to travel to the Kingdom. Upgrade your office and work from paradise.

Work from paradise at these amazing Thailand projects

Anchan Hills

Location: Phuket

Price: THB16.9 million

Anchan Hills villa for sale
A look inside Anchan Hills

Anchan Hills is one of Phuket’s most prestigious residential estates and it is perfect for those wanting to work from paradise. No expense has been spared to create a luxurious living experience with each villa featuring high-end components. Every last detail has been cared for in order to create a truly unique residence.

Just imagine opening your laptop as a refreshing breeze comes into your living room. Each villa has airy, connected spaces in addition to European-style kitchen, built-in wardrobes and a number of other spectacular amenities. Simply put, living at Anchan Hills is a dream come true.

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Chariya Residence

Location: Koh Samui

Price: THB5.9 million

Chariya Residence
Chariya Residence offers luxury living at an affordable price

There is nothing better than a luxury condominium at a competitive price point that has amazing views of the ocean. Each apartment at Chariya Residence has been designed to maximize light, space and practicality while providing sea vistas. What’s more, they come fully fitted and beautifully furnished meaning you can move in today if you’d like.

Chariya Residence also boasts a large, infinity-edge swimming pool and expansive poolside terrace that has its own restaurant. This project is well suited to anyone seeking the Samui lifestyle.

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Serene Condominium

Location: Phuket

Price: THB2.7 million

Serene Condominium
Serene Condominium has a number of work from home features

Want to live in a lush, tropical retreat? Look no further than Serene Condominium, a gamechanging development in Phuket. Buildings are covered with leafy plants and trees in order to cool down the area and reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, solar panels were installed on the rooftop which provide clean, renewable energy. These are just a couple of the eco-friendly innovations found throughout the developments.

Serene Condominium is also designed with work from home in mind. There is an outstanding, modular design that takes full advantage of the space. Meanwhile, cutting-edge features, such as wireless charging and USB plugs, come standard in addition to a furniture package which is included in the sales price.

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