Breaking: Chinese real estate investors spend $100B on global property with Malaysia a popular choice

Chinese real estate investment takes off

Chinese real estate investors continue to purchase international property in record amounts, spending an impressive USD 101.4 billion in 2016, according to a new report from Chinese property website Traditional safe haven markets were the most popular, but Southeast Asia was the market that recorded the most growth. Malaysia was at the front of regional demand.

“2016 marks the first time in history Chinese real estate investors acquired more than US$100 billion worth of international real estate,” Sue Jong, chief of operations at, told the South China Morning Post. “The 2016 total represented more than a quarter increase over 2015 and an 845 percent surge over five years.”

Despite the mainland government implementing capital controls designed to curb international real estate purchases, believes 2017 is primed to be another big year for outbound Chinese investment even if it may not reach the lofty heights of 2016.

“Current trends suggest that Chinese property investment this year will be on a par with the levels of 2015, at about US$80 billion. That would make 2017 one of the top two or three years in history,” Jong explained. “So while levels are lower than in 2016, they will still be extremely high by any standard.”

Understanding this trend, leading Malaysia property developer Mayland has already signed up to take part in the upcoming Dot Property Shanghai. Mayland’s exciting portfolio of projects includes Hampton Damansara and Dorsett Residences, two developments that were recognised at The Dot Property Malaysia Awards 2017.

The Dot Property Show Shanghai aims to connect investors with Southeast Asian real estate

Dot Expo, Southeast Asia’s leading real estate event organiser, is hosting The Dot Property Show Shanghai to provide Chinese investors the chance to see some of the best properties in Southeast Asia. Sodichan will also be in attendance leveraging its networks of agencies and active investors across China to ensure the buying process is a smooth one.

The Dot Property Shanghai show will take place 14-17 September inside Super Brand mall, Shanghai’s premier shopping destination. For more information about The Dot Property Show Shanghai contact or visit