A perk of working with top developers and agents is staying up to date with the latest design trends. We’re sharing inspiration from the five bedroom style ideas below so you can transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary.

Remember, a bedroom should feel like a special retreat after a long day – so style it in a way that expresses who you are and what makes you feel best!

A wall mounted headboard is all the rage these days. This large bedroom in Prima Villa defines the massive area with distinctive slightly different color schemes based around two major pieces. The dark beige headboard blends the sleeping area together while the blue and white decor pull together a sitting area.

 bedroom style ideas
Prima Villa, Kuala Lumpur


Scandinavian simplicity is theme that stole 2016’s heart and seems to be making it’s way into 2017 as well.  Hues such as gray and off-white, warm wooden accents and a love for interiors drenched in a flood of natural light create a clean style. It’s typically a design that’s easy on the wallet too.

bedroom style trends
Elevia Residences, Selangor


Pops of color is making it’s way back in style. The last few years, it seemed so many were afraid of color – but this is no more! Color evokes emotions and can really express a lot of personality. The vibrant blue and green take a person away to a retreat-like setting in Bali!

bedroom style trends
Diamond City, Selangor


Intimate minimalism is a classic trend that is staying put for a long time. Not only is it easy for nearly anyone to design, but the result is always aesthetically pleasing. In a small space all that is needed is lots of natural light, a large mirror, a centralized piece of decor to focus on and a rug to pull it all together. There’s also no fuss on pulling together colors – just stick to different shades of one.

 bedroom style ideas
Green Haven, Johor


The all-embracing room is a great choice for those who spend a lot of time in their bedroom ‘retreat.’ When working with a large space that features a full-wall window, there are ways to complement the area in subtle details. Notice the long piece of artwork stretching across the wall and also the extended headboard. The rectangle office desk is also sitting beneath a rectangle-styled light fixture. All of these elements add length to the room.

bedroom style ideas
Permai Gardens, Pulau Pinang

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