Asia’s Best Beaches – South Lombok

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While Bali gets all the attention, Lombok, its neighbour to the east, features beaches that are even more stunning. The entire island is quite nice, but the southern coast offers a peaceful vibe that is matched by only a handful of other destinations across the globe.

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That’s because there is seemingly an endless supply of white sand beaches all featuring sparkling, bluish green waters. And unlike the bustling Bali, beaches here are not very crowded. It is important to note the facilities are not as comprehensive which can be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint.

The most popular area in South Lombok is Kuta Beach, also known as Kute on some maps and websites. Although it shares the same name as one of Bali’s busiest areas, the ambiance here is entirely different. A growing number of hotels and resorts are springing up, however, this number pales in comparison to what is found in the region’s more popular beach escapes.

The sleepy town of Kuta serves the beach area and you will find eateries and shops all around. Kuta boasts a quaint, homey feel that really should be experienced in person. Behind the town are lush hills that provide amazing overlooks of the beach and surrounding area. A few villa projects are located here while a couple of others are being built.

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Tanjung Aa’n Beach is roughly a 20-minute drive east of Kuta Beach and has become a popular spot with surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Believe it or not, the beach itself is less crowded than Kuta. Many people who come during the week report to having large tracts of sand all to themselves.

In between these two beaches is Mandalika Beach. The area is set to undergo a massive transformation and will eventually be home to resorts, residences, golf courses and a host of other amenities. This should add some much needed infrastructure to the south of Lombok.

What to know about South Lombok

The island is served by Lombok International Airport. There are now direct connections to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur from Lombok, but most travellers will need to transit through Jakarta. The airport is less than a 30-minute drive from the island’s southern beaches.

It is possible to get to Lombok from Bali by ferry. Regular ferries and speedboats are available, but the time and price of this method can vary. Alternatively, you can catch a flight between the two islands. This journey takes roughly 50 minutes and numerous carriers serve the route.