What amenities should you look for in a new condo?

Quay West Residence new condo
A large swimming pool with a view is a great amenity, but only if you plan on using it

If you are planning on buying a new condo, price and location are leading your search. And this is understandable. Chances are you already have a good idea of where you want to live and how much you are willing to spend. But what happens when you find condos you like with similar asking prices?

This is when you need to start focusing in on a key aspect of new condo projects: amenities. Amenities are spaces like a gym that offer residents a bonus for living there. Meanwhile, conveniences are little details that make life easier. These include things like parking spaces and other things on-site.

So with this in mind, what amenities matter most for new condo buyers when there are a lot of units to choose from? For starters, it’s important to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. For example, most new condo buildings have swimming pools. While some of these are nicer than others, a pool is no longer a unique amenity.

However, a park or other large green space is an amenity that stands out. Most new condo developments are not blessed with a lot of room making it difficult to incorporate large, open green areas into the design. This is why many new condo buyers are quick to scoop up units in any development that has a park.

Another popular amenity is the on-site convenience store or retail area. Nothing beats being able to grab a Coke or a late night snack without needing to venture out onto the streets. While the size of these can vary, we’ve seen everything from small 7-11 outlets to full blown shopping malls, there is no doubt having at least a small store in your condo building makes life easier.

What new condo amenities are overrated?

The single most overrated amenity in new condo buildings is the fitness centre. That’s because these are small and serve no purpose if you already have a gym membership. Now, there are a few condo buildings that have proper fitness centres, but these are few and far between.

Another overrated amenity in condo buildings is the lobby. In reality, you’ll spend little to no time your lobby so it doesn’t really matter how big it is. While a luxurious lobby may catch your attention when looking for a new condo, be sure to consider its practical implications.

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