4 reasons why savvy investors choose Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation

Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation
Photo/Dai Lygad - Cardiff University is one of the most respected schools in the UK

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Home to three universities and a rising population of international students, you would think there would be plenty of Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation. However, that is not the case. There remain far more students than student-focused accommodation in the Welsh Capital.

And this is just one reason savvy investors are choosing Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes it one of the UK property sector’s hidden gems.

Why Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation?

1) Cardiff is an educational hub

Cardiff has become a world-class educational city with three major universities and 37,500 students, including 8,100 international students, now located here, according to data from The Complete University guide. The highly-regarded Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and University of South Wales are among the most prestigious schools in the UK and also popular with overseas students.

For example, Cardiff University having increased its intake by 15 percent when compared to the rest of the UK. Meanwhile, the EU-based international student body has grown by 31 percent while the non EU-based international student body is up 18 percent since the start of the decade.

2) More students than purposed-built student accommodation

The supply of Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation hasn’t been able to keep up with the rapidly growing student population. An estimated 25,354 students in Cardiff are searching for this type of housing, but won’t be able to secure a unit. For every single unit of Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation, there are 25 students in the city wanting student-focused housing.

3) Students want better housing, closer locations

Features are important to students who want to live in a space that matches their lifestyle
Features are important to students who want to live in a space that matches their lifestyle

Students in Cardiff want purposed-built student accommodation because it suits their lifestyle. From common areas to co-working zones and other amenities, this type of housing is more desirable than traditional homes with multiple occupants, the only option currently available to most students.

Location is a factor as well. A little more than 2,000 students currently live in the CF10 postal code where Cardiff University and the city centre are located. The majority of these students have to live in suburban areas that are between 15- and 30-minutes away on foot. This makes getting school inconvenient while also hampering social life.

Student unions in Cardiff have been lobbying for better standards of accommodation while students continue to want to live closer to the schools they attend as well as the city’s main shopping streets and leisure hotspots.

4) Strong returns

Knight Frank reported that average yields in Cardiff are being recorded at 5.59 percent, well above the UK average of 4.72 percent. The consultancy also found that Cardiff had the fastest annual student rent growth in the UK during 2017/18. That figure is nearly quadruple the UK’s average rent growth during the same period and places Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation at the top of the class when it comes to investment returns.

Your chance to invest in Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation

Limited supply means opportunities to invest in Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation are not easy to find. One project that ticks all the boxes is Vita Student Cardiff from Select Property Group, the UK’s leading property investment specialists.

The development is located in the heart of Cardiff city centre and is just a five-minute walk from Cardiff University. This places it in the area where demand from students is the highest. Additionally, the fully managed property is part of Select Property Group’s Vita Student brand that specialises in purpose-built student accommodation.

Vita Student Cardiff
Vita Student Cardiff

In fact, Vita Student Cardiff is the developer’s 20th fully managed Vita Student project. For international property seekers, they can be confident they are investing in a brand that has a proven track record and is known for providing a hassle-free experience. Select Property Group accomplishes this by offering investors one-stop for all services.

Vita Student Cardiff has only 401 apartments, so investment opportunities are limited. Select Property Group is currently providing an exclusive GBP3000 discount to anyone who signs up for more information on the project. The developer is also offering investors 6.5 percent NET rental yield assured for three years.

Don’t miss this chance to invest in Cardiff purposed-built student accommodation. Limited supply, a lack of development in central areas and high demand makes Vita Student Cardiff the ideal UK real estate investment.

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