There isn’t a bad time to list a property if you are looking to sell because people are always out there searching. And that is important to remember. The best month to list a property is not the only month you should do it. Especially considering each country in Southeast Asia is unique.

Overall, May is the best month to list a property. That is because most major holidays have concluded by this point and people have the time required to look for a new home. This is true in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam which have longer, multi-day breaks that can disrupt searches.

Another reason for this is that tax season is done and dusted by May. Homebuyers have a clearer picture of their finances and what they can afford.

Historically speaking, inquiries made across Dot Property Group websites tend to peak in May, especially in major cities. However, areas dependent on tourism-focused real estate usually peak around their respective high seasons. If you are selling a home in one of these locations, that is something to keep in mind.

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While not the best month to list a property, October is the peak time during the second half of the year. This is due to two factors. First, people wanting to move before the calendar flips need to get the process started by then. Second, some home seekers wait until this time to be sure of their budget.

The worst month to list a property is August, which is known as Ghost Month in some Southeast Asian countries. During this time, it is believed that bad luck casts a shadow over daily life events. Most domestic real estate markets globally experience some type of slowdown in August and early September.

It must be stressed again, there is no specific best month to list a property if you are selling. People are constantly looking for a new home and not having your listing up on platforms, such as Dot Property, means you’re missing out on that audience.

Simply put, you can’t sell your property if it isn’t listed. Waiting for a specific month or time of year may cost you in the long run. That means the best time to list a property is right now.

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