Be the best agent you can be!

Follow our top tips to set yourself aside from the rest of the competition.

It may appear easy to be a real estate agent, but making yourself stand out from the crowd is vital as competition is stiff in the property world. They say it is better to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than your own, therefore follow our simple (and free!) tips to be the best agent you can, keep your clients happy and to keep them referring more and more business to you.

1. Simpy greet.

Make your office welcoming and as soon as the door opens, stand up and greet that person who walks into your office which can be a daunting prospect. A big smile, and a, ‘Hello, how can I help you?’ will immediately soften the experience and it costs you absolutely nothing! Build your relationship early and set off on the right footing.

2. Keep up communication.

Any relationship breaks down due to a lack of communication. Picking up the phone is simple, or even sending a message via your mobile phone, regardless of whether you have news or no news. Keep communicating with you client so that they think that they are your number one priority, and this gives you a chance to ascertain if their situation or requirements have changed.

3. Be prepared.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of listings available at any one time. But it is your job to look like you know every one of these listings inside and out – even if you don’t! Take time to prepare before you speak to your client when presenting them with suitable options, before you head out on viewings take time to familiarise yourself with the property or even to make sure the keys work. No one wants a flustering agent who comes across like they are blagging it!

4. Honesty is the best policy.

If you don’t know the answer to their question, then don’t lie, tell them you will find out as soon as you can and that you will get back to them. Plus be honest about the price and don’t over promise as this could result in you losing the deal so work with both parties to reach a mutual agreement. Keep expectations level and always listen to your client to make sure you are the best agent you could possibly be.